MAY 2019-Glossy Box Review

This is my very first Glossy Box review and I’m so excited. Excited that the Box has arrived and excited that my Blog is underway. That’s two doses of excitement and the weekend is here too which adds up to a trio of excitement; I can hardly contain myself.


The link to my full list of Disclosures can be found HERE. I review it every month and if/when necessary update it accordingly.

The main ‘Disclosures’ are:

  • I am not an expert.
  • I am not affiliated with Glossy Box or any related company/products.
  • My thoughts are my own.
  • The info is correct at time of writing.
  • I pay for my Boxes too!

If you do take the plunge because of my reviews, I’d be so grateful if you’d apply my referral code (all subscribers get one, not just me)… when you sign up at Glossy Box. You will get 20% off your first order and I will earn £10.00 for a successful referral (correct at time of writing – 13.05.2019), refer to Glossy Box for additional info as subject to their Ts and Cs.


If you don’t know anything about Glossy Box, or want to know my take on it, feel free to click on THIS LINK for a previous relevant post.

Glossy Box’s own website is linked HERE if you want to have a look and see if it is for you…or not.

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Back to being Glossy…


The original pink Box

The original branded Box is back for May 2019. Can’t moan. The Box is still a ‘good quality Box’ but I do love the patterns and designs of the themed ones.

I’ve got some unopened eye shadow pallets that need storing, so this is the Box that will keep those all together after the Glossy Box goodies have been removed.

Here’s something amazing you can do with your empty Boxes if they are beginning to take over your house…Moms On A Mission For Malawi are collecting them to fill with essentials, such as toothbrushes, sanitary products, bras etc to send to…those less fortunate that need a helping hand in yep…Malawi. Such a good cause.


Glossy Box has been on the tease all month…cheeky! They got their Glossy heads together with Remington, and they’ve tucked away golden tickets in 50 of our Boxes. So 50 of us lot could win the ‘Curl & Straight Confidence 2 in 1 Straightener’. The current RRP at Boots (correct on 10th May 2019) is 1p short of £60.00 [reduced from £119.00] plus you earn 236 Boots points if you’ve got the old Recognition Card to hand.

So the first thing I’m looking for when I open the Box isssssss….the Golden Ticket….and I can tell you that…drum roll purleassssse…



Well, OK, I didn’t and I’m so disappointed – I should get a ticket because let’s be fair, that’s quite a good mock-up ticket I made there…and it took me ages…and I need help in the ‘straightener hair curling’ department…

Never mind, I still have THESE…


…but whilst they look so pink, leopard skin and beautiful…can I get my hair to CONSISTENTLY curl with them? No I can’t, not EVERY TIME…sometimes my shoulder action is all off kilter so my curls go like ‘start of a curl, straight bit, end of a curl’ all on one section of hair.


A moment to get over the disappointment and I’m moving on.


As pledged in my previous post, when I was doing my introductions and all, I said that I would hold back one unopened product per Box and in 12 months time collect the products up and give them to charity. A women’s refugee, Moms On A Mission For Malawi or some other worthwhile cause – we’ll decide nearer to the time…that’s you and me lovely reader because I’ll be seeking your input for that.

My intention is also to hold back the most expensive (RRP) product in each…so at the end of the year, some nice treats will be going to a very good cause.


‘We’re embracing high-end beauty trends this month! From mineral makeup, to Korean Beauty and sustainable skincare, we’ve curated a ‘Trending Beauty’ edit featuring all the products you need to stay en Vogue.

Our May box is filled with five full-size products, including makeup must-haves, front-running skincare and award-winning nailcare’.

Glossy Box Beauty Editor, Elle Nash


I’ve been looking forward to this month’s Box…because…it’s ‘High-End’. Doesn’t everybody love a little bit of ‘High-End’? But High-End can mean forking out stupid money just to give a new product or new brand a go.

You’ve heard the hype…but is what you are about to fork out on justify the hype? And when you’ve handed over the dosh and it isn’t all ‘that’ and can’t even match up to Poundland standard it’s a mighty kick in the purse.

So this month we get to try out a bit of luxury for about a tenner plus postage! Sounds good to me.

We are also promised Korean Beauty in some form or another and make-up of the mineral kind. I do like a bit of Bare Minerals…occasionally… although not so much anymore…so let’s crack on.


OK…ok…here’s what the inside of May 2019’s Box looks like through the lense of my (unfiltered) i-phone:

May 2019 Box with my flowers…


Five new products for you to discover and play around with…and four for me because I did pledge not to open the product being set aside for the charitable cause…so I’d love you to tell me what you think of the product I can’t try in the comments below.

The Fine Five are:

  1. Naturaline (Natural) Lip Treatment by Beauty Kitchen
  2. L’oxygene by Nailberry Paris-London
  3. Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Kit by Barry M
  4. Rose Mineral Blush by Annabelle Minerals
  5. Aftermask Vitamin Serum by Mudmasky


1). Naturaline (Natural) Lip Treatment.

‘Quick Fix For Dry Lips’-that’s what it says on the recycled tin

First up is ‘Beauty Kitchen’ – ‘Naturaline (Natural) Lip Treatment’. It claims to be a ‘Quick Fix For Dry Lips’ with zero petroleum and only ‘naturally derived’ ingredients; yep cause I like petroleum in my car engine but not anywhere near my mouth.

Now my lips are terrible for drying out and being flakey; so if this works I’ll be very happy.

I’m just having a look at Beauty Kitchen’s website. Their tagline is ‘Effective, Natural, Sustainable’ and they have ranges in skin-care, hair-car, bath and body. They have products containing plankton and plant seed oils.

The products look appealing to be fair and the company does actually appear to have a consciousness…it is trying to cut down on packaging and they have a ‘Return Refill Repeat’ initiative. The information I have read is that, their packaging is minimal and glass where possible. So they wash the packaging out and re-use it.

Great…however, I was curious as to how you return the packaging to them in order for them to achieve this…and whether there are costs for the consumer involved, how faffy this is and how they wash out the packaging.

I tried to click on the relevant link looking for answers but got an ‘error 404’ message. I tried again…and again…and again. No luck. The good news is THIS. I got code ‘404GET5’ which at time of writing [10th May 2019] gets you 5% off their products to compensate for the broken link when you purchase from their site.

They do also stock a Vegan version of this lip treatment product which comes in green packaging and free from Beeswax.


I had a smell – it doesn’t smell of anything, except possibly a very subtle hint of ‘unscented candle’. If it had smelt of anything though I would have been a little suspicious of the claimed ‘100% naturally derived ingredients’. I didn’t expect it to be scented…but thought I’d check!


So I swirled my finger around the tin and the treatment melts literally on touch…like butter. On my lips it’s not too oily and it doesn’t look like there’s been an oil spillage over the bottom half of my face. It’s not sticky either…just waxy and my skin absorbs it reasonably quickly. My lips do look and feel less dry after three or four minutes.

One application moisturises and protects for up to 8 hours, so my maths tells me I only apply this 3 times per day.

I’m going to continue giving this one ago for a few days and then I’ll post an update as really I need to give it more time and applications to allow it to do its thing before I can form a proper conclusion.


It’s made in the UK. You get 20g of product and it has a shelf life (once opened) of 6 months.

Glossy Box states that the RRP for this 20g product is £2.99. This is also the price given by Beauty Kitchen and for the sake of £3.00 I won’t bother looking to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.


Give them a follow, mention, shout out or whatever, if you wish…

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – @beautykitchen

2). L’Oxygene – Nailberry Paris – London

There’s no filter on this – the colour is ENOUGH!

The second product is by Nailberry. This ‘Oxygenated Nail Lacquer’ comes in the absolute killer shade of ‘Love Me Tender’. The colour is just stunning – I want to paint my entire bedroom in it. This is so my colour of the moment. It’s vintage and dusky, the package labeling is ‘chic’ and I am literally swooning…oh…and take a little peek at their Instagram @nailberry_ for arty inspiration and further swoonage.

The idea behind this was developed in London by Sonia Hully a manicurist(?)/beauty therapist(?) who was concerned about the unhealthy state of her clients’ nails and looked into creating a healthier alternative to what she found on the market.

As the name suggests, the lacquer is oxygenated and as a result allows your nails to breath. It’s a healthy way of drowning them in paint. This formula is also patented…so you won’t get it elsewhere. None of their products are tested on animals which should be standard by now…but anyway…

Other shades that I think look appealing are ‘Blueberry’, ‘Serendipity’ (also my favourite word), ‘Maliblue’ and ‘Mystique Red’.


So I had a sniff and…no I didn’t…and I don’t suggest you do either! Also don’t drink it or get it in your eyes!


So the brush applicator was the best I’ve ever used which is a weird thing to say I realise – upon closer inspection the website does hype the brush up. No ‘just lob any old brush in the top’ involved here…the brushes are engineered! They are ‘wide’ and have actually been tapered for easier application. The brush just spreads apart to coat the whole nail in one go…if you nail the swipe.

The brush was the perfect size for my nails and it’s really easy to apply the product on your nail whilst avoiding your skin (which is a change). The laquer itself is a nice consistency, not too thick, not to runny and it drys in absolutely no time – two to three minutes max.

I put one coat on and I was like…a disappointed ‘oooooooh’ – totally underwhelmed. I could still see a couple of little lines like the product wasn’t thick enough for the coverage expected. It was lighter than I thought it would be too.

Second coat on and OH YES…NOW you’re talking. For me one coat was not enough. It just wasn’t deep enough or enough coverage. Back to the website for their advice.

They suggest 1-2 coats, but advise to use their undercoat first and their top coat…neither of which I have…and you may not either…so…two coats on bare nail it was, with no overcoat.

One coat for me was a ‘never’. Two coats was a ‘love’, especially thanks to the tapered ‘no messing about’ brush. I tried to get a picture of my nails after two coats but couldn’t do the shade justice. The finish just looks sooooo even and smooth. I ended up swiping it on the lid of a white box and the colour came out on that, exactly as it looks on my nails…look…

Just imagine THAT on your digits

The website claims that all of their lacquers are ‘long wear’. I’ll come back to you on this in say…7 days and let you know what state the lacuqer is in. I’m not planning on doing any manual work, just day-to-date stuff, but remember that I don’t have an under or overcoat on either.


You get 15ml of product and it has a shelf life (once opened) of 12 months.

Glossy Box states that the RRP for this 15ml product is £14.50. This is also the price given by Nailberry. I had a snoop around to see if you can purchase it for less…and found the same shade for £11.60 HERE.


Follow until your heart is content on:

Instagram and Twitter @nailberry_

Facebook @nailberrylondon

3). Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Kit

The third product is by Barry M. I’ve linked the website HERE.

Let’s contour with Barry M

Let’s give these people their due, they are massively against animal testing.

They’ve actually got a page of their site dedicated to raising awareness and campaigning for animal cruelty to stop, so a big thumbs up there. They promote ‘Humane Society International’ which you can check out if you like.

So I like Barry M already! And, this palette is vegan too the website tells me. This makeup though is not high-end. You can bag yourself a foundation for…noooooo…£5.99. Hmmmm, I don’t know about this. I’m not being snobby and I’d give it a go on somebody else…but £5.99?

Has anyone tried Barry M foundation? What does £5.99 foundation do? I didn’t even realise it existed til just now.


The website is very ‘bubble-gummy’…it’s possibly moreso aimed at a younger audience?!

Skin primed…and I’ve used Pur Liquid Veil Airbrush foundation. FYI, I’ve got fair skin (naturally dry), with cool undertones and blue eyes. I don’t tan, I just turn lobster.

Love a fresh new virgin palette ❤️

From this cream contour palette, I used the product top middle to highlight and the product underneath it (bottom middle) to contour.


I applied this under my eyes, down the centre of my nose, on the Cupid’s bow and on my chin…and at first I thought my liver had packed in. It turned my skin YELLOW! Under my eyes you could see some lines appearing which was the only thing it was highlighting.

I blended it in and it just really didn’t do much. The yellow paled out to pretty much nothing. More product and the same thing happened.



So I applied contour to my big forehead, cheekbone area, around my jawline, on each side of my nose and a little under my bottom lip. It ‘painted on’ easily and was very DARK on my skin.

Time to blend…and it just went to nothing. More product, blend with a lighter hand, it still went to…nothing. My forehead ended up looking a bit like muddy water had dried on it.

I added some Nars bronzing powder over the top. Added product 4 (reviewed below) and sprayed BEAUTY MUST HAVE Urban Decay’s iconic, can’t be without, All Nighter Setting Spray. I’d rather not wear makeup than wear it without setting spray…and Urban Decay’s is just OMG…no words.

Off I went, about my day. And well, no surprise…a couple of hours in and the product had just completely sunk into my skin. Now if All Nighter can’t keep it from doing that…

This product just blends to nothing. It isn’t for me.

Has anyone got a positive outcome with this product? What do you guys think? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below.


You get 14.5g of product, which has a once opened shelf life of 18 months. I won’t need 18 months to get through this Barry – I’ve used a third of the palette after one use.

It retails at £7.99 which makes me doubt the quality of the ingredients…sorry, but it does! It’s a ‘contour kit’…as soon as you add ‘contour’ and ‘kit’ to the equation you expect to be can easily spending £30.00 upwards. ‘Contour’ and ‘palette’, you’re looking at £45.00 plus!


Give Barry M some love on:

Instagram and Twitter @barrymcosmetics

Facebook @ILoveBarryM          – Barry M’s got an ego hasn’t he!

4). Rose Mineral Blush

I’d never heard of Annabelle Minerals before I must admit…so back to the web to educate myself.

The first thing I spotted is that they only use four ingredients, which are…

Interesting only FOUR INGREDIENTS…

haven’t got a clue?

When I clicked on the correct link hoping for a clue, this is the ONLY ‘information’ I am given.

Well…what the hell does that mean??

I don’t understand what that means Annabelle?

Let’s find the actual product on their strange site, where they appear to only want to tell me a half a story.

And now I can finally tell you what the four ingredients are…just because I am sure you are dying to know after all that suspense…

  • Mica (thought he was a singer…turns out he’s a mineral too).
  • Titanium Dioxide.
  • Zinc Oxide.
  • Iron Oxides.

OK…this mineral blush is alleged to be highly pigmented in the colour ‘Rose’…It looks very pinky! I’m not sure about this…for my face. My face isn’t sure either.


Primer applied. Pur foundation, sprayed on…as the nozzle has decided to work today. I’ve contoured with product 3…by Barry M…and…

More ‘rose gold’ than ‘rose’?

…I’ve opened the lid…it’s looks a ‘dusky rose gold’ rather than Rose…which actually pleases me. What colour would you describe it as?

It is very pigmented, so they aren’t lying there and I would actually consider using this as an eye shadow…but not today…let’s use it where it’s designed to go for the purpose of this review.

I thought I’d hate it…but actually, it is really quite pretty. You need to go in with very little product on your brush (unlike with Barry’s product) and build up…slowly…very slowly…because… ‘the look’ otherwise could turn into a ‘been out in the sun too long’ disaster. It feels light on the skin and it looks flawless too.

I’ve had it on all day now…A good eight hours. I’ve been outside, hospital visiting in muggy-hospital conditions for two hours and it still looks flawless. I’m converted. I love it…but like I say…a little bit of product here goes a long way.

That was an absolute hit and I am really surprised. Good job Annabelle.


You get 4g of product in the pot with a 12 months shelf life which is decent I think, because my mineral products tend to go along way…although I have gone off them a LOT recently…so that might be the reason why my mineral products are still knocking around many months post purchase.

For comparison purposes…‘Bare Minerals’ blush in similar colour (and pressed, but mineral all the same) is almost double the price at £23.00 although for 2g more product. Personally, I think the Annabelle product is really great and I’d choose it over that particular rival especially taking into account the variation in price.

It RRPs at £12.50 according to Glossy Box and £12.41 according to the company’s own website.


You can follow Annabelle Minerals on…

Facebook @AnnabelleMineralsUK

Instagram @annabelleminerals_uk

Like me…she keeps a low profile on Twitter (Annabelle and I need to sort that right out)!

And Finally – Aftermask Vitamin Serum by Mudmasky

Love a bit of mud

Link to the Mudmasky website is HERE.

So this is new to me. A product made specifically for putting on your face AFTER you’ve applied and washed off a Facemask??? So doesn’t this product get the easy job.

Surely the Facemask has done the hard work already. Seems like it has the potential to be taking all the credit for something it has not contributed to.

Let’s have a look at the website and find out a bit about his strangeness…ok…so they’ve done their homework here. And I initially missed the point to be fair. They claim that applying moisturiser after a facemask is really bad because it’s density blocks your freshly opened pores and your good intentions become a bad idea! Makes sense!

WARNING…I’m giving you detailed information here so that you DO NOT need to watch their video advertising this product. It really is patronising a.f. and just god awful. They need a re-think…there aren’t many 7 year olds that could afford THIS product…so why are they talking as though pre-teens and toddlers are their target audience, is what I want to know?

I’ve watched it for you – I took one for the team…but now you’re curious…so…the link is HERE if you fancy being spoken to like a little babba…and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Their product is claimed to be the first of its kind. It is made from ‘natural’ and ‘sourced from the sea’ ingredients, such as; a type of brown seaweed for extra smoothing, sea fennel for anti-aging, rice starch for feeding, dulse for protection and rose water (which I bloody swear by) for nourishment.


Oh…damn…I can’t. This is the one I am holding back for a good cause. Oh man…I’m really disappointed! I really want to try it. OOHHHHHHH. Me and my stupid pledge ideas.

It is by far the most pricey of the products in this month’s box, with an RRP of **WHAAATTT** £43.00 for 30ml of product, which is FYI, made in Amsterdam – one of my fave places. They make a batch each month to keep it fresh…which is probably why it costs £1.43 per ml!

Now I need to know…I have to know…is this magic aftermask? Would it have given me a new face. Would I have looked like Margot Robbie after an application or two?

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? Would you pay £43.00 for 30ml? Please…do comment below! I’m expecting great things! Did you get great things? Does your skin now emit radiance to the tune of £43.00 per 30ml?


Give them a thumbs up or down – let them know what you thought of their sissy-talking video for starters and tag me in!!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @mudmasky


The Theme

Well, I loved the theme on paper…but Glossy Box, I sort of didn’t get it.

High end would be…Mudmasky and Nailberry?

Mineral Makeup would be…Annabelle Minerals

Sustainable Skincare would be… all of them, which is great. Love that – Glossy Box, I applaud you this month for that. Us as humans have taken enough from the universe in the name of beauty.

But, which product(s) is (are) Korean inspired??? Am I missing something or did I take the reference to Korean beauty too literally, because I was expecting an iridescent lipstick with a flower embalmed or something similar.

I’ve reverted to the Glossy Box information insert and the only link I can find to Korean Beauty is on the front cover where it states ‘K-Beauty is at the forefront of revolutionary beauty treatments’ and then within the description of the Mudmasky product it states ‘This serum is at the forefont of an up-and-coming beauty trend!’ and that is the only link I can find to Korean beauty. I don’t get it! Unless THAT is it?!

So I am a bit confused over this! Does anybody care to explain to me in the comments section below? Let me know what you were expecting in the K-beauty department.

The Box

I’m giving the actual Box a ‘5 out of 10’ – BECAUSE I’M SPOILED.

I love the actual Boxes…love ’em, lurrrrve them BUT. Over the months there have been some beauties and the odd one I wasn’t as keen on. So I’m setting the bar for the standard pink Box always as a ‘5’ so there is room for loving the Box design more or less each month. I think that is fair.

Not having a Golden Ticket sucked…but hopefully 50 of you will all comment below with ‘I got a ticket’ and then at least I can smile at 50 comments!

The Product Mix

So, we had nails, cheeks, face (contour) with lip and skincare basically covered this month.

Almost 48 hours in and I am VERY pleasantly surprised with Beauty Kitchen’s lip treatment. I’ve given it 5 applications now and my lips are feeling soft and moisurised which is amazing for me. The product sinks in a treat and doesn’t look or feel greasy. It’s definitely made a positive difference.

Nailberry in colour ‘Love Me Tender’ was just wow in terms of application, colour, smoothness and shine…this kind of dusky pink is my absolute colour of the moment. This one is going to be down to whether you too love this colour or would prefer a red or a purple or y’know…you just aren’t a dusky pink kind of person…but I’d be surprised if you could legitimately pick fault with the brand and the patented quality of the actual lacquer.

The Barry M Contour Kit is, a bit naff tbh. I’m currently using the Iconic London ‘Multi Use Cream Contour Palette’, which is hard to top. As I’ve almost run out I was hoping the Barry M kit would see me through…but nope!

Btw…as I copied that link for Iconic London TODAY, SUNDAY 12 MAY 2019, I saw a banner on the Iconic London website stating that you get a ‘free contour palette if you spend £35.00’ or more – I don’t know how long that offer is on for, probably hours rather than days, so…I take no responsibility for this offer ending imminently.

Barry M gets 10 out of 10 for promoting anti-animal cruelty though.

I’m a bit ‘mehh’ over mineral blush…(and mineral eyeshadow for that matter where the colours just seem to mix into a great big hot mess of ‘dirty’. Perhaps that’s just me and I’m doing something wrong…perhaps my brushes need a wash!).

Mineral this and mineral that doesn’t excite me anymore. I usually either can’t tell it’s on or I end up looking like a circus clown. The Annabelle mineral blush was therefore a very positive surprise…I really liked it…just don’t be heavy handed!!!

The Mudmasky product was a great idea by Glossy Box IMO…because I’d never heard of an aftermask serum before and I certainly wouldn’t want to go out and spend nearly £50.00 on something I would have hoped the actual mask would have achieved!

So THAT product is certainly one I think we all appreciate (although, obvs I can’t actually try mine!)…you can all have a go and decide whether it’s a life changer or a red herring and choose going forward whether to have a splurge on a replacement when it runs out or save your coppers for something else…like two Nars lipsticks…or whatever takes your fancy.

The RRP for these products combined based on Glossy Boxes calculations is £80.98.

For me, each out of 10:

The Box is a 5 – and always will be for ‘the standard pink one’.

The Theme is an 8 – didn’t get the K-Beauty link or reference to ‘trending hair colours’ for that matter which I just spotted was mentioned on the front of the Glossy card.

Natruline is a 7.5 (after 24 hours).

Love Me Tender is a 9 (I’ll up date this in 7 days to factor in longevity).

The Contour Cream kit is a 2 and a very last resort.

Rose Mineral Blush is shockingly a 9.5 – the packaging is boring so it lost a 0.5. Is that fair?!

Aftermask Vitamin Serum is…over to you…

I’ll add up the scores you give it and work out an average on 31st May 2019 and then do a final score for May’s Box.

What score would you give Glossy Box for its May 2019 effort?


The little spoiler for the June 2019 box is we get to try ‘Avant’s Silky Lightweight Primer’ – let’s give it it’s full name ‘Pro Perfecting Collagen Primer Touche Eclat’ at £80-blinkin-5 quid a pop, that’s £85.00. A. POP!

Whether we’ll get a full size at 30ml, I don’t know. I’ve checked Avant’s website and yes…this ‘new’ 30ml product IS definitely priced at £85.00 at time of writing. I thought I was being a little frivolous when I forked out in the region of £45.00 for the Guerlain Meteorites Base Primer…but the pearls talked to me and told me I was doing the right thing.

I was going to put a photo here of my almost used up bottle, but HERE’S a link showing a brand new bottle in its full glory (mine wasn’t from Harrod’s btw).

There’s a theme here…add a little French into the title of a makeup product and the price just rockets!

Back to Avant, sorry I digressed! The product description claims, sorry, but just YAWN, that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles’, but don’t they all these days. Proof is in the primer! You only need a ‘pea size’ apparently and it’s PH balanced…so we’ll look forward to giving that a go next month…unless you take the leap of faith without waiting until June’s box.


So…thank you all for stopping by…it’s been a pleasure….and I hope you come here again next time I post and to comment.

This is new to me…so any comments, suggestions, criticisms, praise, opinions, likes, dislikes, keyboard warrior stuff…please go ahead and write it all out below.

Til next month…be Glossy!



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