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Just a thought…I also blog about relationships, relationship breakdowns…some of it’s sad…some of it’s funny…it’s all about ‘tough love’ and based on my experiences…if you are feeling less than glossy, because of a breakup or you’re going through a difficult relationship, the link to my blog ‘Breakup, Makeup, Wake up’ IS HERE…I’d love you to read that too.

Back to all things Glossy…in descending order…


2019, 24th June – Got My Hands On ‘HASK’ Conditioner – Here’s My Review.

2019, 14th June – June 2019 ‘Glossy Box’ Review.

If you do take the plunge because of my reviews, I’d be so grateful if you’d apply my referral code (all subscribers get one, not just me)… when you sign up at Glossy Box. You will get 20% off your first order and I will earn £10.00 for a successful referral (correct at time of writing – 14.06.2019).

2019, 8th June – Nominated for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ – yes me!

2019, 1st June – The May 2019 ‘Glossy Box’ Review Update.

2019, 12th May – May 2019-Glossy Box Review.

2019, 1st May – About ‘Glossy Box’.

2019, 1st May – About ‘Box of Glossy’.


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