I posted my review for the May 2019 Glossy Box here and wanted to update you all with regards to a few little things.


If you have read my May 2019 review, you will know that I am saving one item from each of my Glossy Boxes for the next 12 months and then donating them to charity…I’m not sure which charity will benefit from the goodies yet, but it will more than likely be a Women’s Refuge or Homeless Shelter.

I got chatting to a very brave and engaging lady on Instagram (she has kindly allowed me to disclose her Instagram Tag which is ‘jade.amber.888’). jade.amber.888 explained that she had been homeless at a very young age and went on to experience horrific abuse and trauma that I simply cannot comprehend (I’m lucky to say).

I found her really inspirational, so strong and honest and an absolute SURVIVOR. A person who has ‘come out the other side’ and is slaying life. She explained to me that the best products to donate for a homeless/refuge type charity are not necessarily the most expensive or luxury.

Having been through both homelessness and abuse herself, she disclosed that the best beauty/body care items to donate are the more basic ones shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mascara and lip balm. I suppose more practical items than say for example a mud mask.

Of course this makes absolute sense (after she politely pointed it out!) and it made me realise that I hadn’t put enough thought into ‘My Pledge’ than I should have.

So, whilst I saved the most expensive item from May’s Glossy Box (MudMasky) to donate as my first offering of 12, I will be more conscious henceforth to ensure that I choose the most fitting product to put aside which will not necessarily be the most expensive…but actually the most practical…if in doubt I’ll consult ‘jade.amber.888’.


I was sad to see the back of 11 of my empty Glossy Boxes! Here they are in all their glory…

My Little Collection!

I sent them on over filled with toothbrushes, flannels etc to Moms On A Mission For Malawi who are collecting empty Glossy Boxes to fill with essentials, including toothbrushes, sanitary products, bras etc to send to students based at a school in Malawi.

The shipment went to Malawi during May 2019 (I think mine arrived just in time for that shipment) but the Moms are still on the hunt for Glossy Boxes ready for future donation of basic items destined for the same location.

Here are my boxes all packed up, ready for a new life in Malawi!

Malawi Bound!

The Moms are doing an amazing job for such a great cause.


I promised to give an update on this product which I have been using throughout the month of May and on now into June. I absolutely love it. My lips are usually just so dry and this product, used consistently (three times per day) has done them wonders.

Not many lip treatments work for me and I think this is because what I have used in the past has probably been petroleum based. But this stuff is great – with not a trace of petroleum. And affordable too. What’s more, there is still plenty of product left in the tin. I would definitely recommend this especially if, like me, your lips are like the Sahara Desert!

I’m giving this product a tried and tested solid 10 out of 10.


Again, this was an absolute winner from L’Oxygene and Glossy Box. I’ve already swooned over the colour.

After a week of wear…and as I did point out I didn’t use an under or overcoat, just two layers of product on each nail….the lacquer was still completely in tact. No scratches, no bubbles or bobbles and no chips. Just sleek and beautiful. This product is top notch. I can’t wait to try other colours in the range. This is THE BEST nail lacquer I have ever used. No word of exaggeration here. Very classy. Very long wearing. And a beautiful shade.

10 out of 10 for me again!


With the exception of the Barry M product which just did not work for me AT ALL, the products were a giant success this month. The Annabelle Minerals blush has become a staple inclusion into my make-up bag, which really was a surprise as I was going right off mineral make-up (a different brand though).

I will also praise Annabelle Minerals for their interaction with their clients on Social Media. They are very responsive, as has been my experience and appeared to be genuinely excited about being part of Glossy Box this month.


Don’t forget to complete the surveys and if you like reviews on the Glossybox website by logging into your own account. You get credits (usually in the amounts of £0.25p and £0.50p) per survey/review you complete and you are in with a chance of winning £100.00 to spend on their site. I completed those open to me today and racked up a fair bit of credit which is a bonus.

I hope all of this has been of use to you…see you all later on in June 2019 just as soon as The Box lands on my doorstep!

Comments are always welcome…let me know your thoughts on this site, Glossy Box and anything related!


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