For me this is HUGE!  It’s a big deal!  

Yesterday morning I woke up to the news that I had been nominated for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award’ – the little ray of sunshine that I’m not!  I was nominated by Claire Lomax at ‘Our Favourite Jar’ and I am both honoured and feeling very smug about the whole thing.  I feel like a celeb at the Oscars! 

Claire Blogs about her life and I Blog about relationship-type stuff (elsewhere) and of course on all things ‘Glossy Box’ (here). 

My understanding is that this Award is given to bloggers by bloggers to promote and give us all a bit of a platform cause promoting ourselves is just so damn hard – no, honestly IT IS.  I’m a novice at all this, only three-ish months into Blogging (just over a month for this one) and Claire has been enormously supportive – so, Claire, I double and triple send my thanks over to you.


1                    Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site. 

2                    List the Sunshine Blogger Award rules and display the logo on your site.

3                    Answer the Sunshine Blogger Award questions.

4                    Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.

5                    Notify the nominees of their nominations.


What do you love about Blogging?

I’ve always loved writing and I wanted to somehow let others know about the disasters of my dating life in some form or another – friends have been trying to encourage me to do this for a very, very, very long time!  My purpose was to let it be known that there are people out there who just cannot get relationships right and if those reading are one of those people, then I’m right there with them.

I knew I wasn’t up to a book and also felt that the format would just not work.  Blogging therefore has allowed me to write chapters and snippets about anything dating/relationship wise that has been on my mind and has assisted me in processing my thoughts and experiences too.

It’s therapeutic, the Blogging community has mainly been brilliant and I hope what I write about reaches people that have been and/or are in similar situations as me and what I write assists them in getting through the crap with a smile on their face and makeup intact. 

I’ve done the heartbreak so my readers can avoid some of it simply by learning from my God awful mistakes and misjudgements…the martyr that I am!  

Otherwise I’ve bought the Glossy Box and reviewed it thoroughly, so if you don’t like the sound of it, you can give it a miss for the month thus saving you a bit of the dosh you’ve worked so hard for. 

What do you hate about Blogging?

This is an EASY question.  Some Bloggers, always the same Bloggers, just do not reciprocate!  I don’t mean that I expect every Blog-posts I read and comment on HAVE TO read and comment on mine, especially if what I write about is of no interest to them.  But some don’t even say thank you!  

That annoys me.  A LOT.  

We all started somewhere and I always try to write meaningful comments for other Bloggers.  So when I’ve spent 20 minutes reading and 10 minutes or more commenting and then I don’t get a thanks’ or even an acknowledgement in some instances…that fuels my ‘hate about Blogging’…and people actually!

See what you’ve started Claire?  You’ve started a rant!  And you know I love a rant!

What is your favourite Sunday ritual?

My Sunday ritual is ‘not having a ritual’.  I don’t have children; I’m free and single as you’ll all know!  I do what takes my fancy.  But I do like a cup of tea whilst reading and commenting on ‘The Tea Chest’…and I love a Sunday roast.  If my bestie can meet me for a little Preseco date then that’s going to be a Sunday at its best.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

This is a hard question.  Such a hard question – I’m a bit torn.  I love all kinds of music.  But I think I would have to choose The Miles Hunt Club ‘Everything is Not OK’ album – they only did the one but every song is perfect.  

Miles Hunt (with or without The Wonder Stuff) is just so underrated – and his voice is even better live than it translates onto record if that’s possible.

I saw him perform as the lead singer of ‘The Miles Hunt Club’ in Cardiff.  The band didn’t exist for long, but the songs on that album and his voice are just outstanding – plus it’s very understated…the songs on this album have not been played to death (or at all most probably) on the radio etc so they still feel fresh…and if they’re all I can listen to for the rest of my life, then I’m not going to chose songs that that have already been overexposed.  

What is your go to movie?


The genius that is Withnail and I. 

I love everything about this film from start to finish – it’s perfection.  The acting, the writing, the production.  There’s a drinking game in there too and a quote for every occasion…

‘I feel like a pig shat in my head…’

‘I demand to have some booze…’


‘We’ve gone on holiday by mistake…’

‘What happened to my agent.  Bastard must have died…’

‘…fork it’…

‘…we want the finest wines available to humanity…’ 

And so on and so on…

If you haven’t watched it…you gotta do something about that and give it a go…TONIGHT…NOW!

Which 5 people would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?

The most beautiful human who ever lived…my late grandmother…so that I could spend time in her presence just one more time and tell her how much I love and miss her.

Donald Trump so that I could either poison or throw food at the moron – he also wouldn’t be permitted to speak. 

Jim Morrison – I’ve never met a genius and ‘A GOD’ before and I’d like to know his opinion of Trump.

Karl Pilkington – because I want to propose to him, so perhaps if I filled his stomach with great food and got him drunk he’d say ‘Yes’.

Mirrorof Aphrodite (Blogger) – because I want to know who the lady behind the incredible advice is and I want to pick her brain mercilessly, even though she already gives soooo much of her time to us all…for free.

Your specialist quiz subject?

Now, I do love a good quiz and I am very knowledgeable on ‘Africa’ I’d like to think.  Either that or music, other than that…I’m a bit of a dunce.

If you couldn’t ever fail, what would you love to do?

I’d like to be the Captain(ess) of a yacht.  Like if Bill Gates (for example) or someone rich a.f. had one…I’d like to Captain(ess) it!  I’d get to live on the ocean, get paid, go to all the most amazing places and experience different cultures…and I might just get a tan unlike the milk bottle I look like now. 

What would your talent contest entry be?

The only thing that I am talented at is picking out shit men to have relationships and almost relationships with.  I’m so very talented at that.  Line 50 men up and I’ll pick out the crappiest of the crap blindfolded – I can sniff them out; it’s a talent.  

I can’t play an instrument, I definitely cannot sing or perform – so yeah…I’m utterly talent-less I’m afraid, apart from the shit men thing.

What would your superpower be?

My superpower would be to magically take plastic out of the ocean and turn it into ‘something(?)’ that cleans pollution out of the air. 

What is your favourite social media platform?

This is tricky again because I hate social media.  Hmmmm, so none of them!  I hate the lot!  

And for the sake of Blogging I force myself to use them and still feel very self-conscious about it all.  Unfortunately a large part of Blogging is ‘social media’ orientated.  So it’s a love/hate type hobby.  

Before I started my Blog my social media presence was sooooo limited.  It was just Facebook, security settings at their highest, with a few friends and a couple of family members.  I’m starting to sort of enjoy Pinterest because of the anonymity of it…the rest…if I could Blog without them I’d be a very happy girl.


OK – so the rules state that I have to put 11 questions to you all and I’d love to know your answers to these you crazy kids…

1        Which do you think is your best Blog-post and why?  

If you let me know I’ll read/comment on it if I haven’t already.  Perhaps everyone I have nominated could do likewise, just to give all these amazing bloggers listed here an additional bit of support.

2        Which is the worst Blog-post you have written and why?  

Again if you let me know I’ll give it a read and comment…and don’t be offended if I agree with you!

3        With the exception of ‘death’ cause that’s a forgone conclusion for everybody and everybody’s loved one…name one thing that has happened in your life that you wish you could change, and why.

4        If you were given a million quid/dollars etc and you had to spend it within 72 hours what would you do with it and why?

5        If you could change something about yourself (a certain character trait/something about your looks/a mannerism etc) what would that thing be?

6        If you knew now what you knew now when you were 16, how do you think your life would have been different.

7        Excluding children (cause I don’t have any so I can’t join in and I know many of you will choose these(!)), what’s been your biggest life achievement?

8        Let’s go all ‘Desert Island Discs’ for a moment – actually, let’s rip it right off.  Give me your five favourite songs and if they provoke memories, let’s hear the memory!

9        What/who (famous person or otherwise) makes you laugh hysterically?

10   If you could re-live one day in your life, which day would it be and why? 

11   Is there anything I can do today to help you to promote your Blog?  

Please let me know…I’m only a small fish, but any help helps!  I’m on Facebook, Bloglovin’, Instagram, Pinterest.  I’m also on Twitter but to be honest, haven’t got a bloody clue what I’m doing…but I’ll try!  I’m also on Word Press and Blogger.  Anything I can do (within reason), I will.


I just want to say that these are in no particular order. 

I love every single Blogger equally on my list because all have been so amazing in one way or another and I also appreciate each in different ways.  Their content is genuinely fantastic too; they’re just all round genuinely talented and considerate Bloggers.

The lady who nominated me and whose Blog makes me laugh/cry and look forward to reading her next post (apart from the one about the ‘Game of Thrones’, a show I cannot abide, as she knows) – back at you Claire Lomax at ‘Our Favourite Jar’!

The absolute star of my Blogging world who has helped me through dating situations (knowingly and unknowingly) since 2013 – yes…Mirror at ‘Mirror of Aphrodite’ – YOU LADY, are the kind of woman I aspire to be.

The man who makes me snort and die with laughter and also through the power of his writing gets me to feel what he feels and inspires me to write better.  He’s more talented than he’d have you believe and I’m his number one fan – Phillip Slater at ‘My Journey From Here to There…’.

The cutie who is dedicated beyond dedication to her niche, does it so well and also never fails to help another Blogger out consistently and over and above – Kat Fenton at ‘Kitty Kats Crazy About Books’.

The Knowledge of All Things Tea whose posts just warm me through – I feel at home reading her posts and again, her support is consistent and fabulous – Justine Warne at ‘The Tea Chest – All Things Tea’.

A great mom, doing it by herself, doing it for the single mommas out there and doing it like the superstar pro she is – Eve Ramy at ‘Single Mum Survival Guide’.

The thriftiest Blogger you could EVER come across and whose posts give me sooooo many ways to save my pennies (which is essential when you come across the type of men I do) – Lee at ‘Earnings Portal’.

The beauty who supports me always from across the seas and writes beautifully every time she posts – Jenny Toney Bhatia at ‘Travelling Party of Four’.

Ashley – ‘The Irish Twins Momma’ – who recently set up the ‘Epic Bloggers Group’ on Facebook and is policing it with an iron rod to make sure all members are actually reciprocating any love shown to them.  

The amazing story teller – Marian Wood – ‘Just Muddling ThroughLife’.  I’m new to Marian’s Blog, but she’s such a talent and a great Blogging reciprocater which is the best kind of Blogger.

For being utterly hysterical and calling out all the cheating asshole men out there – Chumplady at ‘Leave a Cheater – Gain a Life’.

Nominees, I can’t wait to hear your answers to my questions – you’re all my favourites…

Everyone else…back to all things Glossy Box I promise!