SO! I wrote a little about HASK in my June 2019 Glossy Box Review, which you can read by clicking the link here.

Since I’m holding back the HASK Coconut Oil conditioner I received in June’s Glossy Box for a good cause, I got myself down to Boots and purchased the HASK conditioner better suited to my hair-type.

As you may or may not know I forgot to change my Glossy Box settings in ‘My Account’ from having virgin hair to denote the colour damage I’ve now inflicted on it, hence the product I got was not the best for my hair – not Glossy Box’s fault but my own.

The HASK masks ‘WERE’, for part of June 2019, on offer in Superdrug (at a bargain £1.66) but not anymore. They are now back to full price at £2.49**. Boots now have the HASK conditioners on offer for £2.00**, reduced from £3.00** in their third off sale. So I was going there anyway and picked myself one up and earned a couple of Boots points at the same time.

The one for me and so the one I chose, is as per pictured above of the Argan Oil variety to strengthen, restore and smooth dry, damaged hair; because at the end of the day I’m no natural blonde and my hair is therefore well and truly BLEACHED and therefore dry and damaged.

My hair is fine, straight, tangley (very, very, very tangley) and comes half way down my back – so long, I guess. But suprisingly, I only needed half a pack of this HASK on my hair. I thought I’d need at least three quarters but half a pack does go a long way…for my hair.

The HASK smells really nice! I say lemon-y…my friend says orange-y…so we’re going to agree somewhere in the middle and I’ll punt for citrus-ey. It’s lovely anyway…well, if you like lemony-orangey-citrusey! The texture is really thick and creamy.

After shampooing my hair (well actually I picked up a bottle of conditioner instead of the shampoo), so after conditioning and then shampooing my hair (I know, I’m an idiot), I coated my hair in the HASK, massaged it in as directed…had a sing in the shower for ten minutes whilst I waited for it to do it’s magic and then rinsed it out thoroughly – I know you know how to wash your hair, but I’m just telling you really that I followed the instructions on the back of the pack.

Dried my hair off and out with my trusted Tangle Teezer – literally the only thing that is allowed to touch my hair when it is wet, or else let’s just say there are tears…and shrieks…and a lot of swearing. I usually use Milkshake Whipped Cream Leave-In Conditioner, but I didn’t, because I wanted to see if my hair was less knotty with the HASK…and it was…I needed the Tangle Teezer (standard)…but I could definitely get away without the Whipped Cream.

I mean, my hair is still tangley, but it’s much easier to brush through than normal. And I also want to point out that seven weeks ago I ran out of purple shampoo which I haven’t got round to replacing. I usually use, again in the Milkshake range, their Silver Shine Light shampoo, once or twice a week to stop my blonde looking brassy…so my hair could also do with a bit of care in the ‘toning down’ department.

Well, HASK has done the job which has presently surprised me. I love my blonde again, the HASK has really toned it down but brightened it up – which sounds like a contradiction, I realise, but it isn’t!

My hair feels thicker, fuller, healthier and has toned the ‘becoming a little brassy’ roots down a treat. I’ve got to say I AM A HASK CONVERT…and I’ve still got half a pack left for next time.

This product was an absolute hit for me! I’ll definitely be purchasing it on a regular basis. I usually use Milk Shake Argan Deep Treatment mask, but will drop this in favour of this HASK conditioner.

Let me know if this was a hit (or not) for you in the Comments section.


About ‘Glossy Box’

Here’s a bit about ‘Glossy Box’ and what I understand, ‘we’ as subscribers, can expect to feel glossy about in May 2019.


As already stated…I am not sponsored by, employed by or in any other way affiliated with Glossy Box despite parking a photo (which I took this morning in my house, using my phone and applying my phone’s filters btw), their logo and go-to packaging below. I am not a beauty/makeup expert and do not profess to be. I am just a monthly Glossy Box subscriber who loves makeup, beauty and surprises and decided to start a blog about it.

My opinions are my own, my thoughts are my own, this content belongs to me and I can take my own damn photos! Glossy Box has no input with regards to what I write and how I express my ramblings. My reviews are honest, accurate to the best of my intentions and knowledge, written with integrity and if THE box is genuinely not up to scratch…I’ve got a big mouth and I’ll say!

Glossy Box Branding and Logo FYI


First off, this is the link to ‘Glossy Box UK’…so that’s where all the magic happens…how it works…what it costs…promotions…what you can expect…what else they do, blah, blah, blah. If it’s not for you that’s fine…if it is then great!

I won’t quote exact subscription prices/costs here, because there are many subscription options to choose from depending upon the length of your preferred commitment to the product. I’m also aware of the possibility that pricing and such might change without me realising and then you’ll all shout at and troll me for misleading you!  So I’m keeping clear-on-out of the cost element…that’s between you and Glossy Box Account’s Department…


You get five (I have on rare occasions received six) beauty related/make-up products per month which are apparently selected by the Glossy beauty experts. They are all packaged, tied with ribbon, boxed up and posted out to the subscribed-up, beauty loving consumer. When I initially signed up I was asked to fill in an online questionnaire about my skin tone (‘pale’ or romantically referred to as ‘with cool undertones’), eye colour (blue), the state of my skin (dry as the Sahara) so that where there is a product with variables (i.e. to suit dry or oily skin) they can send me the most appropriate version of that bronzer or blusher etc.

The cost of the items in each box are alleged to have a combined RRP of more than the cost of the box subscription and at time of writing [1st May 2019] £50.00 or more – I’ll have a look into this for you every month so that you don’t have to and so that we can make sure Glossy remains value for money and does what it says on the box.


I normally receive an email between the 7th and the 9th of each month confirming that my Glossy Box has been dispatched. I am able to track the progress of my precious cargo as it makes it way through the network. Generally I receive the box between the 9th and 11th of the month. I’ve never received a Glossy Box later than the 12th of the month that I can recall and I have never not received one when I should have – that’s just been my experience but I can’t vouch for anyone else.


The box in which your products arrive is sure to be either in keeping with the ‘theme’ of the month or otherwise pink with the ‘Glossy Box’ logo (as photographed above). I love…literally lurvveee the boxes themselves…they are of really good quality, they aren’t those nasty cheep-ass collapsible ones so they stack nice and sturdily in my wardrobes with purses, belts, change, trinkets, unopened makeup etc inside and I’ve also been known to use them as gift boxes for family/friends – the thrifty/cheap skate that I am!

I even boxed up the remainder of an ex’s stuff in one of them once and posted it to him – waste of a box, expensive on the postage, but showed a bit of class – I chose a pretty pink one to further accentuate my femininity immediately proceeding a nice dumping…he wasn’t much of a ‘pink’ person so he won’t get any use out of it, perhaps I should have asked him to mail it back to me once he’d emptied his cheap, crappy fits in a box stuff?

Any how…

Each month there is a different theme going on…so for example, February 2019 had the ‘Valentine’s Day’ touch. June 2018 had a ‘Summer-sun’ type vibe. Here’s the February 2019 throwback box photographed here…if only my Valentine’s Day had been as ‘smoochable’, ‘loveable’ and ‘adorbs’ as THIS box…

The flower did not come with the box, I stuck it there to be arty. I did not receive the flower on Valentine’s day – I bought it myself in January 2019…those are the sad facts!

Sometimes Glossy Box have two differently themed boxes and selects which subscribers get which theme…randomly I believe? For example last month (April 2019) they had concurrent ‘Fruity’ and ‘Floral’ themes going on. I got ‘Fruity’, in keeping with me being a bit of a ‘fruit cake’ – they wouldn’t have known this so I didn’t take their choice personally…the box design fits the theme and a couple of the products differed from the ones in the ‘Floral’ box but only, so far as I can tell from the Glossy Box website, in terms of fragrance…


From this month forward, out of every box I receive, I will withhold a product and this time next year…when I have accrued 12 unused items I will donate them to an appropriate charity…Domestic Abuse/Women’s Aid/Shelter/Homeless Charity…whichever I feel is most appropriate at the time…or you can have your say and the majority will dictate who/which Charity gets the items.

As I will not be able to test the products I am holding back, you can tell me what you think of them. I want the donated items to be completely unused and sealed…because makeup and beauty goes off just as soon as it is opened…and hella quickly, don’t we all know.


Each box also comes with a colourful, double sided card that explains what you need to know about the products included and usually gives a little hint as to what you can expect the following month without giving full disclosure…cause that would spoil the surprise…and nobody wants their surprises ruined by full and frank disclosure.


Now…this peaked my interest massively this morning…because the month of May is…oh yes…IT IS…‘High End Beauty Trends’. Now you’re talking you Glossy people – their website claims the products inside the box retail at ‘over £75.00’ – that’s their claim…and on Instagram they have photographed one of their pink signature boxes with a picture of Justin Timberlake on the front which is a bit of a mindf**k, because unless you get him delivered to your door folded up in your box or he is actually going to be acting as Father Christmas for the month and delivering the May edition boxes then I have no idea what THAT is all about.

IF though, IF…the picture on the front of my Glossy Box is of JT’s mug or any other celebrity for that matter…I for one will NOT be happy, I’m too old for shrines to celebrities in my bedroom. I like my Glossy Boxes ‘classy’ not ‘cheesy a.f’. Please, Glossy Box, do not make my first review of your product centre around ‘misplaced celebrity branding’…

But what I do understand from their ‘gram is that for this month Glossy Box has hinted at the inclusion of ‘Korean Beauty’, which is right on trend. I’m thinking clear, flawless skin and pretty cosmetics such as iridescent lipstick with a flower inside which when applied blends to match your particular tone. DISCLAIMER…I have no idea what is in the box – DO not be heartbroken if the flower embalmed lipstick is not part of the deal. These are just the beauty products that come to mind when ‘I’ dream about ‘Korean Beauty’ products.

So…that is what us subscribers and/or subscribers-to-be can look forward to when the Postman (or JT) delivers our box to us in May 2019…can’t wait to receive it and also find out where this Blog goes!

Any comments, questions, suggestions? I love comments, I’ll try to answer your questions and I’m definitely open to suggestions! This is all very new to me, so please leave yours below…x

If you do take the plunge because of my reviews, I’d be so grateful if you’d apply my referral code (all subscribers get one, not just me)… when you sign up at Glossy Box. You will get 20% off your first order and I will earn £10.00 for a successful referral (correct at time of writing – 13.05.2019).


I do have another blog which is all about relationships, breakups etc. So if any of you are not quite feeling overly glossy because your heart is broken…you might like to check THIS OUT…

About ‘Box of Glossy’

I fell in love with ‘Glossy Box’ many ‘Boxes’ ago and from the very first ‘Box’.

Selected, I understand, by their ‘Beauty Experts’ you are certain to receive five make-up/beauty products all beautifully packaged and delivered to your door each month. ‘Glossy Box’ is one of those ‘subscription produced boxes’ you’ve probably heard of and umm’d and ahh’d about signing up to. Their’s is make-up/beauty themed and inspired.

Some of the products are by brands you will have heard of, some brands are up and coming/just breaking through, some are ones you may not of heard of but might excite you if you just give them a chance. I am not a beauty expert, I’m just a girl who loves make-up/beauty products put together to inspire me, tied up in a pretty box and delivered to my door every month for a price that is affordable for me.

Glossy Box DOES NOT sponsor me and other than being a subscriber I am not otherwise affiliated with them. I intend to let you know all about the box I received and what’s in it each month. My reviews, opinions, ravings and waffles are my own. All of my reviews, opinions and posts are created with honesty.

I usually like/love the products but I’ll tell you if I just…y’know…don’t…and I’ll especially tell you if I REALLY don’t love ’em and if I REALLY do and everything in between.

I’ll link the Glossy Box website to each post and then you can decide for yourselves whether you want to give it a whirl or not! Feel free to ask any questions you like, give me your opinions and comment however you so wish. I’m going to be reviewing, posting pictures, bigging up and critiquing everything Glossy Box.

Follow me, contact me, engage with me and let’s feel glossy together, and if ‘Glossy Box’ is having an ‘off month’ and it’s lost its gloss, you can tell me all about that too.

And finally, if you do take the plunge because of my reviews, I’d be so grateful if you’d apply my referral code (all subscribers get one, not just me)… when you sign up at Glossy Box. You will get 20% off your first order and I will earn £10.00 for a successful referral (correct at time of writing – 13.05.2019).